French breakfast | 6.50

A croissant with confiture, butter and a coffee or tea of your choice

DARQ's famous breakfast | 14.50

A croissant with chocolate, yogurt and homemade granola, a coffee or tea of your choice, fresh orange juice


Natural | 2.00
Jam and butter | 3.50
Chocolate | 3.00
Cheese | 3.00
Ham & cheese | 3.50
Scrambled egg | 6.50

Granola by DARQ | 7.50

Yogurt, homemade granola, chocolate flakes and a kiss

Daily fresh | 7.00

Yogurt with fresh fruit

Scones | 6.50

Two scones with clotted cream and jam

Royal French toast | 10.50

Two slices of French toast with clotted cream and fresh fruit

Order & pickup your FLB

Fabiola's Lucky Babka comes in two flavours (Cinnamon and Chocolate) and you can order it online and pick it up. Find your lucky charm!